High Dew Point 73.0F occurred at 8:13am
Low Dew Point 67.0F occurred at 5:44am

High Monthly Dew Point 77.0F
Low Monthly Dew Point 61.0F

High Yearly Dew Point 77.0F
Low Yearly Dew Point -16.0F

Dew Point History

Dew-point is the temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation (100% relative humidity) to occur, providing there is no change in water content. The dew-point is an important measurement used to predict the formation of dew, frost, and fog. If dew-point and temperature are close together in the late after noon when the air begins to turn colder, fog is likely during the night. Dew-point is also a good indicator of the air's actual water vapor content, unlike relative humidity, which takes the air's temperature into account. High dew-point indicates high vapor content; low dew-point indicates low vapor content. In addition a high dew-point indicates a better chance of rain and severe thunder storms. You can even use dew-point to predict the minimum overnight temperature. Provided no new fronts are expected overnight and the afternoon Relative Humidity 50%, the afternoon's dew-point gives you an idea of what minimum temperature to expect overnight, since the air is not likely to get colder than the dew-point anytime during the night.